Farmers help farmers

Farming, harvesting, raising animals and survival are more than just a game for many people. Lookout Games is proud to have led a fundraiser to support the tribal people of the Arbore, in Southern Ethiopia (read more about the Arbore people here – text in German) for 10 years. Lookout Games donated a portion of the proceeds from each Agricola game that is sold to the project.

The project was co-ordinated by Anthropologists and Africa researchers Christina Gabbert and Felix Girke. It offers both short-term emergency relief and longer-term assistance in establishing and supporting local agricultural activities.

There are three main focus areas: (read more about the project here – text in German)
* Fields – purchasing water pumps for irrigations
* Animals – helping families to build small herds of cattle
* Education and training (Occupations) – veterinary medicine, human medicine and agriculture.

In 2016, we had to stop the fundraiser due to political instabilities in Ethiopia, was we didn’t want to endanger anyone.
Thanks to everyone who contributed.