Farmers help farmers

Farming, harvesting, raising animals and survival are more than just a game for many people. Lookout Games is proud to announce its project to support the tribal people of the Arbore, in Southern Ethiopia (read more about the Arbore people here – text in German). Lookout Games donates a portion of the proceeds from each Agricola game that is sold to the project.

The project is co-ordinated by Anthropologists and Africa researchers Christina Gabbert and Felix Girke. It offers both short-term emergency relief and longer-term assistance in establishing and supporting local agricultural activities.

There are three main focus areas: (read more about the project here – text in German)
* Fields – purchasing water pumps for irrigations
* Animals – helping families to build small herds of cattle
* Education and training (Occupations) – veterinary medicine, human medicine and agriculture.

Now you too can contribute to the project, either through our fundraiser activities at the Essen game fair or directly:

Lookout Games – Arbore-Projekt
Bank Transfer: Account 1943335801 at the Oldenburgische Landesbank (BLZ 28020050)
IBAN: DE04 2802 0050 1943 3358 01