R.I.P. Cha-Cha (Jason Bolich)

Cha-Cha, mid­fiel­der extra­or­di­n­aire and Slab All­star player, pas­sed away on Decem­ber 7th, 2010.
We still have no words, just empti­ness.
Cha-Cha, you will be mis­sed. Fare well whe­ree­ver you might be.
Maybe those pho­tos with you in your safety orange jer­sey will help us to cope bet­ter with this loss.

Cha Cha was one of the Slabs who made us all look bet­ter on the field. His scrap­pi­ness and deter­mi­na­tion were an inspi­ra­tion to hacks like me and made us all try and be the best play­ers we could be. He was defi­ni­tely a huge rea­son why the Slabs were com­pe­ti­tive almost every sea­son in the early ‚00s, when we would be see­min­gly out­matched by youn­ger, qui­cker teams. I played with him for six years with the Slabs and I will remem­ber him as a genui­nely great guy on and off the field.
(Barry Hodges)

He was a great guy both on and off the field – very posi­tive, exu­berant per­so­na­lity and a good cen­tral mid­fiel­der who worked hard on both sides of the ball. It“™s tough to take.
(John Smith)

For the first few years play­ing along Cha Cha, I never really knew his real name and finally, one day I went up to him and asked, dude what’s your real name? He looked up and star­ted to smile. I can still remem­ber that day. Slabs all time great player!
(Naz Ibrahim)