Direct orders

If you’re in Germany and/or can read German, please go directly to our new shop.

To make sure everybody who can’t attend Essen gets our goodies, we’ll have a new ONLINE SHOP.
It works like pretty much every online shop in the world. SO you should be able to handle it, even if it is in German.

Shipping & Handling: The shipping charges for a total weight up to 500g is €3.95.
For everything else, please contact us at for exact shipping charges (DHL).

If you think your mailboy also likes Agricola: sending as a registered letter adds € 2.05
(this includes track&trace to the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. No t&t available for other countries.)
But if someone has a special deal with UPS, FedEx and whatever, feel free to have them pick it up here. Just don’t expect me to do it for you.