Agricola-WM 2013 (Archiviert)

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Dies ist die Startseite zur Agricola-Weltmeisterschaft 2013 am 9.November 2013 im Rahmen des Spielefests in Wien (A).

The tournament takes place on Saturday, 9th November during the Spielefest Event in the Austria Center Vienna.

How to get to the venue:
The Vienna Expo center is near the subway line U1. Click on the link above for directions.

These are the participiants, as of November 1st 2013:

2011 champion: Rasmus Damm (Denmark)
Slovakia: Michal Wolinsky, Renata Orosova
Österreich: Markus Wawra, Hans Mostböck, Dennis Rappel
Sverige: Karsten Matura
España: Javier Marcos, Francisco Manuel Álamo Arce, Marc Guasch, N.N.
Deutschland: Thilo Hasse, Bastian Winkelhaus, Stefan Kopacz, Wolfgang Peter
U.K.: Tom Walker, Rich Pingree
Italia: KARLA Fazanaro, MARCO Monno, PASQUALE Di Carlo, MICHELE Ancona
Belgien: Greg Bruwier, Robin Frederic
Japan: Yuuka Yanagisawa, Ryosuke Yoshizu, Masatoshi Akiba, Michiko Asano
Schweiz: Nicolas Aioutz, Omar Trapletti, Gabriele Martinetti, Tristana Martinetti
Tschechien: David Kanovsky, David Korejtko, Sarka Pelcova, Katerina Krejcová
Polen: Michal Niedzwiedz, Mag­da­lena Rei­ter, Pawel Nied­ziela, Lukasz Biedak
Ungarn: Kozics György, Báthory Gergely, Krajcsovicz László, Sebestyén Attila
Nederlands: Kasper Baack, Maarten Meussen, Pieter Hommelberg
Norge: Oddbjørn Nødland, Terje Skaaland, Bernt Ivar Nødland, Bjørn-André Kildalen

Participants get a free pass for the show.
Please register at the desk between 8:45 and 9:15 on Saturday morning. The tournament will start at 9:30.
Three rounds will be played. In the first round, the participants will be seated by random, but we’ll try to make sure that no 2 players from the same country sit on the same table. For the further rounds, Swiss format will be used: Players will be sorted and seated by score.
We will use the Agricola World Championship deck for the tournament. Cards will be available in English.
(I was hoping to have the brand new Bielefeld deck ready for the Championship, but it didn’t work out as planned.)

Generally, we’re trying to have 4 players per table. Players score 8, 5, 3 and 1 Tournament points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, respectively. In case of ties, points are split. Players on 3p tables score 7, 4 and 2.
Round 1 will be „Bidding for Decks“. Before the game starts, each player writes down a bid on a piece of paper. This bid will be deducted from his final Victory Point score. The player with the highest bid has first choice of the WM subdeck s/he wants to play, then in the order of highest bids. I case of ties, seating order decides. It is allowed to bid 0. After decks have been dealt, each player discards down to 7+7.

Round 2 will be Stack Draft. The cards of all 5 decks will be shuffled (Occupations and minor improvements together), then the first 4 cards will be turned over to start 4 open stacks. THe starting player picks one of those cards for his/her hand, then places another card on each of the stacks. Therefore, the second player has the choice of 3 stacks of 2 cards or 1 stack of 1 card. If a player picks a stack with more than 1 card, he keeps all of them. This continues until all cards have been dealt to the stacks and taken by players. Players then discard down to 7+7.

Round 3 will be „Love your neighbour“ draft.
Occupations and improvements are separated, each player gets dealt 8 each.
First, occupations are drafted.
Each player picks one of those cards for himself to keep and one for his right hand neighbour to keep. The other cards are passed to the left. Again, each player picks one card for himself and one for his right hand neighbour. When all cards are drafted, each player has 4 cards he drafted for himself and 4 cards his neighbour drafted for him.
Then, minor improvements are drafted the same way, only that now you draft for yourself and your left neighbour, and the cards are passed to the right.

Gameboards, Round cards and Major Improvement cards will be in German, Dutch and/or Japanese (but I’m sure that every player qualifying for a World Championship knows them by heart).

You can find the expanded rules here: