Farmers help farmers

Far­ming, har­ve­s­ting, rai­sing ani­mals and sur­vi­val are more than just a game for many peop­le. Loo­kout Games is proud to have led a fund­rai­ser to sup­port the tri­bal peop­le of the Arbo­re, in Sou­thern Ethio­pia (read more about the Arbo­re peop­le here — text in Ger­man) for 10 years. Loo­kout Games dona­ted a por­ti­on of the pro­ceeds from each Agri­co­la game that is sold to the pro­ject.

The pro­ject was co-ordi­na­ted by Anthro­po­lo­gists and Afri­ca rese­ar­chers Chris­ti­na Gab­bert and Felix Gir­ke. It offers both short-term emer­gen­cy reli­ef and lon­ger-term assi­s­tan­ce in estab­li­shing and sup­por­ting local agri­cul­tu­ral activi­ties.

The­re are three main focus are­as: (read more about the pro­ject here — text in Ger­man)
* Fields — purcha­sing water pumps for irri­ga­ti­ons
* Ani­mals — hel­ping fami­lies to build small herds of catt­le
* Edu­ca­ti­on and trai­ning (Occupa­ti­ons) — vete­ri­na­ry medi­ci­ne, human medi­ci­ne and agri­cul­tu­re.

In 2016, we had to stop the fund­rai­ser due to poli­ti­cal insta­bi­li­ties in Ethio­pia, was we did­n’t want to end­an­ger anyo­ne.
Thanks to ever­yo­ne who con­tri­bu­t­ed.