Cantaloop - Book 3

Against all odds


Cover: Cantaloop - Book 3: Against all odds


9-12 h

Game Design:
Friedemann Findeisen
Kerstin 'Noody' Buzelan, Anna Glinsmann
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Grzegorz Kobiela, Anika Hoffmanns
Release Year:
1 adventure book, 1 trigger sheet, 1 decoder (red foil), 1 inventory sheet, 72 cards, 1 post card and several miscellaneous items
Choking Hazard

NOT A TOY! Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years.


showdown in cantaloop: agains all odds

After the chaotic but successful events in Cantaloop - Book 1: Breaking into prison, Oz Hook Carpenter has gathered his team. Your contrabands unique skills had to be trained in Cantaloop - Book 2: A Hack of A Plan, in this PAPER POINT&CLICK adventure. Now it's high noon, pardon my French: Leroy White, you b****, we are coming for you!
Explore beautifully illustrated locations, chat with new characters, solve more of those tricky puzzles.

Cantaloop, the intractive adventure series by Lookout Games is a story game in book format. Like an old school "point & click adventure game", this game tells a non-linear story full of quirky characters, pretty useless items and tough riddles:

* explore beautiful locations
* collect and combine items
* talk to different characters
* and find out, how the story unfolds
* enjoy 9-12 hours of fun
* solo* (or with friends)


"Hook" Carpenter is a charismatic and resourceful crook. Ten years ago, he was betrayed, forcing him to go undercover. Now he's back and he's looking for revenge. Together with jazz singer Alice and hacker Fly, he plans the biggest - and boldest - #heistofthecentury. But on the day of their coup, everything goes wrong. The target seems like a fortress and unexpected dangers lurk behind every corner. On this mission, the three must work together. They only have one chance. And things are not looking good...

A playable thriller to enjoy solo* for players aged 16 and up.

*or with your team :)


3D cover
3D cover
backside cover
backside cover
spoiler alert: one of the locations you have to explore
spoiler alert: one of the locations you have to explore


Trigger Sheet


Why is there no rulebook for download available?

"Cantaloop" is an interactive book and so are the rules. The introduction of the book teaches you all rules on the fly so that studying the rules is not necessary!

Do I need to have already read / solved the other two books to play book three?

It helps, of course, if you want to enjoy the whole weird story. But each part of the trilogy is self-contained, so it can be played independently. Also, you will find different types of puzzles in each book.

Let's be honest. It still looks like any other escape room game, right?

No. While the game mechanics certainly could be used to create an escape room style game, "Cantaloop" is not doing this. The game is more like a classic "Point & Click" adventure, known from PC.

Unlike any similar games, with Cantaloop, nothing hast to be destroyed, folded, cut or tempered with. You even got a cool option to "safe" your game any time!