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#spielendfuertoleranz (gaming for tolerance) is an initiative against social exclusion, antisemitism and xenophobia, founded by Udo Bartsch, Harald Schrapers and Martin Klein. The individual opinion of all three can be found on their individual websites (unfortunately German only!):

As a publisher, Lookout Games (or rather the company Lookout GmbH) is more than one person. And while we all agree on the importance of tolerance, there are still at least as many opinions about this topic in this company as there are employees. In order to give you an idea on how we see this individually, here are some voices from us:

- Sören (Project management) -

You're a person, I'm a person. Simple like that.

As usual, the opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the specific employee and do not necessarily reflect the views of Lookout GmbH.