New games 2020: Expansions for Agricola and Nusfjord!

2020 has been challenging for us all and we didn’t always know whether the games we had planned for this year will make it in time or not. But it looks good now, so it’s high time we announce what we have in store for you!

Agricola: Dulcinaria-Deck Nusfjord: Salmon-Deck

In both of these cases there isn’t really much to say. Our popular classic, Agricola (Revised Edition 2016), gets its fourth card expansion, the Dulcinaria Deck, providing fans of Uwe Rosenberg’s master piece even more variety. For additional information, consult the expansion’s sub-page: Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): Dulcinaria Deck

Fans of Uwe Rosenberg’s more recent game Nusfjord also have a reason to rejoice: the Salmon Deck, much like its predecessor, the Plaice Deck, provides an additional 44 new A, B and C buildings for more variety, another variant Elder card, and yet another set of metal coins. For a peek into the expansion’s appendix, consult its sub-page: Nusfjord: Salmon Deck

Update: Whoops... I nearly forgot to tell you when these expansions will be released. Please be aware that releases outside of Germany are always depending on shipping times, customs and more:

Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): Dulcinaria Deck & Nusfjord: Salmon Deck - estimated releases:

  • Germany: October 22nd
  • Europe: Mid November
  • International: December / January

Grand Austria Hotel - Kickstarter Banner

Don’t forget to mark the date of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the Grand Austria Hotel expansion LET’S WALTZ!. Starting October 22, we’ll invite you onto the dance floor:

Follow this link to the Kickstarter preview page


Grand Austria Hotel - Kickstarter Banner

Our popular game GRAND AUSTRIA HOTEL will have an addition to the family. The brand-new expansion LET’S WALTZ! will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on October 22nd - just in time for SPIEL DIGITAL. Reserve a place in the best hotel in town and join us on this exciting journey. We’re looking forward to celebrating this time together with you all!

Check the kickstarter preview-page here

You don´t know what GRAND AUSTRIA HOTEL is all about and you have no idea how to play the game?
You can find all exciting information about this game here.

Back from summer holidays

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Our online shop & replacement part service colleagues are back from their summer holidays. Refreshed and ready for action, they are awaiting your requests and orders!

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Summer holidays for online shop and replacement part service

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Our online shop & replacement part service colleagues will have their well deserved summer holidays from

07.08. - 01.09.2020

The online shop is closed during this time (you can't access it). Replacement part tickets can still be created, but won't be answered before September 1st. We ask for your understanding.

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New games 2020: Glasgow

Glasgow Cover

Finally the time has come and we can officially announce our 2 player game for 2020! Glasgow is a fast tile laying and resource management game by designer Mandela Fernández-Grandon. You are one of two merchants in the name giving Scottish city of Glasgow who tries to contribute the most to the cities restructure plans. Thanks to a variable game setup a lot of replay value awaits you. After approximately 30 minutes you will be victorious; or at least be able to call out for revenge.

Already curious? And you would like to read the rule book? In that case loose no time and head over to our Games section or simply click on this link to get to the detail page of Glasgow!