Announcement: Forest Shuffle card replacement service


We got made aware that a small amount of affected Forest Shuffle base games slipped through the re-call in UK and were sold at UK Games Expo . We are sorry that we didn't catch this earlier and updated the Forest Shuffle Card Exchange page accordingly.

Cover: Forest Shuffle

The last print of Forest Shuffle is slightly off color on the back of the cards. Not a problem as long as you only play the base game, but mixing it with the cards from the Forest Shuffle: Alpine expansion and the color mismatch gets obvious.

The image shows two Forest Shuffle cards next to each other. The left one - in comparison - has a slight but recognizable yellowish color mismatch.

Luckily, we were able to stop most deliveries of the affected games before they reached retailers and got sold to you. However, there are some countries (Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) where affected games have already been sold.

We wanted to give customers from these countries an easy and simple solution to get new cards if needed. Please note that the service differs, depending on the country you bought your game in. To find out if your game is affected and how to request your replacement cards, please go to this page:

Forest Shuffle card exchange

Everybody is working hard to exchange your cards as quickly as possible. Please understand that shipping out the new cards might take some time, depending on the number of requests we receive. Thank you for your patience!

Euer Lookout-Team