Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz - First view outside of Kickstarter

Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Cover

A little peak at our Kickstarter campaign

Do you remember our Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Kickstarter campaign from last year? Until today, we have posted updates only to our backers via Kickstarter, but as all products have left the factory now, we are eager to show the finished game (or, at least, part of it) to everyone.

Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Image 1 Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Image 2 Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Image 3 Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Image 4

Any news on the delivery of the products to your doorstep? Well, things are looking good at the moment, and the delivery should still work out as scheduled. The goods for the European backers have hit the warehouse in France and are soon to be fulfilled. The goods for every other backer are destined to arrive in the US these days, and are then going to the fulfillment center in Florida.

Your Lookout Games team

Important note for backers:

There are still backers who pledged in Kickstarter but missed to complete the PledgeManager, so they have not settled shipping costs yet and have not verified their shipping address.

Are you one of these backers? Then please contact us immediately at and we will try to find a solution for you after the regular fulfillment (settling shipping costs, verifying your address, etc.).

Please DON'T contact us if you haven't backed the Kickstarter campaign and hope to snatch one of these copies! These backers placed an order with us by backing the campaign and we will first try everything in our power to fulfill their order. If backers cancel their order or don't answer for too long that we will have to cancel the order ourselves, we will make these copies available through our online shop.