New games 2020: Cantaloop - Book 1

You like riddles? And good stories? Then this is for you!

Cantaloop - Book 1 Cover

What do you get if you combine a book, an escape room and an old-school "Point & Click" adventure?

Newcomer designer Friedemann Findeisen tried exactly that and came up with Cantaloop - Book 1: Breaking into prison. The first book in Lookout Games new interactive adventure book series is a playable thriller about a hacker, a lady and a crook. Oh! And - of course - a bad guy you want to take revenge on. Explore your way through beautifully illustrated locations, collect and combine items in order to solve riddles and talk to crazy characters in order to advance in the story. A book full of fun and a new approach to story telling - at least for the board game market.

Cantaloop - Book 1: Breaking into prison will hopefully be available before the end of year (at least in Germany). Unfortunately this game is the one which suffered most from the current situation in our new releases line-up. We were still eager to show you Friedemanns and our work so that you hopefully will forgive us if the games won't be available before Q1 2021. We will keep you updated about any news we get!

You can find out some more about the game (including a few first images) on the games sub-page:

Cantaloop - Book 1: Breaking into prison

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