New games 2020: Hallertau

Our last, but not least, new release of 2020 is literally a BIG one:

Hallertau Cover

With a box like Caverna, a theme like Agricola, and designed by the same guy: Uwe Rosenberg's latest strike of genius, Hallertau, combines new and old mechanics alike to create a completely new gaming experience! The “Worker Placement” mechanism receives an upgrade, as it is now possible to use an action space multiple times, for a higher price, of course, instead of simply blocking it. Sheep still serves as a source of wool and milk income but they age over the course of the game and, eventually, they die. Plus, cultivation gets more involved: frequently used fields yield less and less resources, whereas fallow fields increase in efficiency over time. All that combined with a new card mechanism that allows you to play a bunch of cards at any time to gain the edge. Interested in learning more? Then click the following link and download the rule book:


By the way: Still not sure this game is what we say it is? Then head over to BGG, where Dale of Opinionated Gamers provides an in-depth review:
Detailed Preview/Review on the Opinionated Gamers


Yes I admit... I forgot the release dates. Again... Sorry -_- ! Please find below the estimated release dates:

  • Germany: October 22nd
  • Europe: Mid November
  • International: December / January (depends on shipping times, customs, etc.)

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Don’t forget to mark the date of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the Grand Austria Hotel expansion LET’S WALTZ!. Starting October 22, we’ll invite you onto the dance floor:

Follow this link to the Kickstarter preview page