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Hello dear Lookout fans & welcome to our new homepage!

If you wonder what happened here, the answer is simple: We proudly present to you our new English homepage! While the old one was German only and became outdated (especially on the looks) we decided to take the next step. And now you are looking at the result of this hard work. We already started to translate all the interesting stuff you are looking for and most of the game pages are already done. News wise we were able to import all the translations we created for important events, but it's still not a lot (just to put this into perspective, there are 400+ news posts on the German page, while there are just 28 on this one). We also have decided to not translate old news posts, but to look forward and fill the English news page with a lot of new information to come. Other than that we not only upgraded the looks and language, but also the functionallity:

  • No matter what device you use (computer, mobile, toaster...), the new design takes care to present all information in the best way possible. Additionally the design was created to support mouse input as well as touch input.
  • The new design is tidy and simple. No more 20+ links which lead to all kinds of pages, despite the one you are actually looking for. Just four easy to understand areas which hold all the info you want.
  • Cleaning up wasn't the only thing we did while working on the new page. We also checked all the historical data we could get our hands on and created a (near) complete database of all games ever released by Lookout. Just head over to Games and see for yourself.
  • To make things easier we decided to keep everything in one place. In other words, no matter what you are looking for - rules, FAQs, images, etc. - you will find it on the games detail page.
  • Our replacement part service got an upgrade, too. While you should always try to contact the replacement part service of the respective publisher of the game in your country first, it has definetely become easier to request replacement parts from us. A simple ticket system does not only make life easier for us, but also enables you to check on your own if we have already started to work on your request or if you have to be patient some more.
  • Last but not least, we made sure that the new page is as futureproof as possible. Thanks to easy extensibility you can definetely expect some upgrades in the coming month and years.

Being proud of your work is the one thing, but unfortunately new technologies usually also mean new problems, too. If you happen to stumble upon such a problem, please contact us via the appropriate contact form in the Contact us & help section or send us an email to admin@lookout-spiele.de. Surely you can also use these contacts to tell us your opinion about the new homepage. We obviously hope that you like it and are very excited to hear your ideas.

Stay safe,

the Lookout team