Rules PDF for Artifex, Bubulcus, Corbarius & Dulcinaria

Artifex Cover Bubulcus Cover Corbarius Cover Dulcinaria Cover

Everyone owning one (or more) of the expansion decks for Agricola (Revised Edition) might have already stumbled upon the additional rule clarification on the side of the box. It explains the "Unconditional Sow Action" in detail (an action which does not exist in the base game and is therefore never explained in the rule book). Now there is rumor that some people store their expansions in the base game box and don't have acces to the expansions box all the time . As a result, we added a new PDF to the download section of all four expansions which contains exactly this rule clarification:

Agricola (Revised Edition): Artifex Deck

Agricola (Revised Edition): Bubulcus Deck

Agricola (Revised Edition): Corbarius Deck

Agricola (Revised Edition): Dulcinaria Deck