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SPIEL'19 - All (important) information

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On October 24th the holy grounds of board game enthusiasts are once more to be found in Essen, Germany: the Internationale Spieletage SPIEL is the worlds most important board game fair and Lookout Games is part of it! This is our annual information that provides details about our booth and our products at the fair. Since SPIEL'19 is a big event, things can change quickly. Keep yourself up-to-date (also during SPIEL) with our Facebook site or our Twitter channel:


We welcome Tony Boydell as a guest on Saturday (Oct. 26th) from 10:00 to 12:00 at our booth. He will not only happily decorate your Foothills-Cover with his signature, but also take over control of one of our Foothills demo tables!  

Where can you find us?

Our booth is located in hall 1, F-135. ATTENTION: Floor plans shown are from last year, as we haven’t received the new ones for SPIEL'19 yet. Since nothing has changed in respect of our location, these floor plans should do fine for a first orientation.  

In cooperation with HÜNE Spieltische!

Everyone who visited our booth last year should probably know them already: the boardgame tables from HÜNE Spieltische. And because they were so well received by our customers (and we like them very much), this years booth comes with an upgrade: All(!) tables will be provided by HÜNE Spieltische, giving you the opportunity to test our new releases on this high quality furniture. Additionally the folks from HÜNE Spieltische moved in with us, so you can get first-hand advice directly from them. Furthermore, they have a lot of accessories with them, which you can give a try while playing our games.


What will we have for you?

We will pack a great deal for you! All new games will be sold for a special fair price, moreover we will include a fine selection of Lookout classic games and bargain offers from our stock. Treasure hunters seeking for add-ons and promos will get their money’s worth:  

New releases 2019

Agricola: Corbarius-Deck (MSRP 12,99€)* Uwe Rosenberg, 1 - 4(6**) players, age 12+ Demo table(s): No
Expedition to Newdale (MSRP 49,99€) Alexander Pfister, 1 - 4 players, age 12+ Demo table(s): Yes
Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears (MSRP 19,99€)* Phil Walker-Harding, 2 - 4 players, age 8+ Demo table(s): No
Foothills inlc. "Wooden Passengers" upgrade (MSRP 32,99€) Tony Boydell & Ben Bateson, 2 players, age 12+ Demo table(s): Yes
Mandala (MSRP 21,99€) Trevor Benjamin & Brett J. Gilbert, 2 players, age 10+ Demo table(s): Yes
News from the Lookout - Issue 1 (MSRP 5,00€) Lookout Games, 1 reader, age 12+ Includes "Patchwork Doodle PLUS"*, "Caverna: Forgotten Folk - Halflings Promo" & "Lookout Promo-Deck 2018"
Patchwork Doodle (MSRP 12,99€) Uwe Rosenberg, 1 - 6+ players, age 8+ Demo table(s): Yes
  * Expansion! Base game required to play. ** For 5 and 6 players, "Agricola: Expansion for 5 and 6 players" is required.  

Special offers & Accessory

Caverna: The Forgotten Folk - Upgrade: Wooden Gemfruits & Mushrooms (MSRP 8,00€)* Uwe Rosenberg, 1 - 7 players, age 12+
Foothills - Upgrade: Wooden passengers (MSRP 6,00€)* Tony Boydell & Ben Bateson, 2 players, age 12+
Neues vom Ausguck - Issue 13 (MSRP 2,00€) - German only Lookout Games, 1 reader, age 12+ Includes "Caverna: The Forgotten Folk - Adventurer Promo"
Neues vom Ausguck - Issue 14 (MSRP 2,00€) - German only Lookout Games, 1 reader, age 12+ Includes "Gingerbread House Teaser-Game"
Patchwork Doodle: Replacement Scoresheets (MSRP 3,49€)* Uwe Rosenberg, 1 - 6+ players, age 8+
  * Expansion! Base game required to play.  


Agricola in Newdale 7 new cards for Agricola with Newdale theme
Expedition to Newdale: The Pfistries 5 new cards with the new building "Pfistrie"
Foothills: Aberystwyth 2 new cards with the Cliff Railway
Agricola: L-Deck 9 new cards for the Agricola: L-Deck
Other promos from past years... e. g. L-Deck cards, sticker sheets, etc.
… and every day, the first 250 customers at our booth will get a surprise!

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