Online shop summer holidays

Online-Shop summer break until June, 7

Actually, I wanted to announce today that we will soon send our fabulous webshop manager on vacation. But a cold was faster: get well soon!

Therefore, the Lookout webshop is closed temporarily as of today.

The following services will be unavailable for three weeks:

Your requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis upon the colleague's return. If you can't do without Lookout games: Your FLGS will be happy to assist you with Lookout games!


There is a lot going on at Lookout. The many projects have brought us a few new colleagues:

Hello, I am Günter.

Portrait - Günter

The quiet man from Bad Nauheim is well known. He is regarded as a veteran of the German board game scene, even though he doesn't play games himself. But that has never stopped him from recognizing the potential of a good game. Günter has been with Lookout since our early years, and since fall he has been a permanent member of the team again, taking care of our international distribution partners.

In the past, Günter made sure that BOHNANZA was known all the way to Asia, but today he takes it much easier: He is currently in training to become a non-medical practitioner. Our colleague does not play, but he is always available for a good book.

Hello, I am Anika.

Portrait - Anika

With our #PaperPoint'nClick series of interactive #adventure books, we've kicked off a whole new chapter of Lookout history. To ensure that the future volumes also have interesting stories to tell, we have added a professional storyteller to the editorial team:

Anika comes from Viersen on the Lower Rhine, studied in Cologne, and brings experience in editing and from a book publishing house. As a junior editor, she has been taking care of our book heroes since the beginning of the year, putting them out of their misery and pushing the stories forward. You can be curious!

For Anika, writing is like eating, drinking or breathing. Thank goodness she also discovered playing for herself. Anika plays and lives in Düsseldorf today and is exactly 4 minutes younger than her twin sister. When she's not working on a text, you're guaranteed to find her at the movies, in a museum, or wrapped in a book. And in case you're interested: Anika plays yellow.

Hello, I am Sonja.

Portrait - Sonja

Our youngest team member comes from West Middle Franconia. The state-certified foreign language correspondent impressed us with her determined nature right from the start. Since January, she has been strengthening our editorial team, taking care of translations and helping out in marketing. She is also already busy at game events, explaining and presenting our games.

Sonja has just moved to the German capital. She likes movies, spring and the sea. She also likes to be outside, whether on foot or by bike. As a player, she considers her moves carefully - you see, we have found another tactician for the Lookout team here!