Bye, bye, Lookout Webshop!

You can see a part of a medieval house with a door and a window. A woman is standing in the window and waving good bye with a tissue in her hand. Above the door is Webshop written. A sign showing Closed is attached to it. The lower left corner shows the words Sorry we are closed and the lower right corner shows the Lookout logo.

Since 2022, the Lookout team is focusing exclusively on developing and publishing new games for you. Therefore, our online shop was closed on June 30th 2023.

Asmodee is handling our distribution, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland since January 2022. All current Lookout games are now only available in your FLGS, this also applies to all new releases. So check in with your FLGS for #newsfromthelookout regularly.

Orders placed before the closing will still be processed, obviously. If you haven't got a order confirmation (already checked your Spam folder?), please contact our service team!

Lookouts spare parts service is still available. Please use our contact form to open replacement part tickets with us:


The Lookout team