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Perfect Easter Treat: Ei my Goods! Royal Eggs

Ei my Goods! Cover

In Oh my Goods! by Alexander Pfister it’s all about getting the goods going! But what‘s this? A game in an egg? Yeah. Lookout sneaked into the Easter bunnies study to reveal ALL his secrets!!

Well, almost all of them are hidden in Ei my Goods!, Lookouts Easter Edition of this nice little card game for 2-4 players aged 10 and up:

Ei my Goods! Ei my Goods! Ei my Goods!

“The players are crafts-bunnies, this time creating pastries, chocolates, Easter baskets and planting spring flowers (instead of coal, tools, clothes). The player who builds buildings which benefit from each other and manage their production chains best will gain the most victory points and become a master craftsman - aka Easter bunny.”

Have you shuffled your cards already?

This special edition is bilingual (German/English) and available in the Lookout webshop .

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