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Tem­pe­ra­tu­re records in Ger­ma­ny let us dream about exten­ding our sum­mer vaca­ti­on some more cur­r­ent­ly, but that would mean that we could not pre­sent you our next new release for this year:

Bären­park: The Bad News Bears



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Release: August 2019

Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears

Your bear park is expan­ding … becau­se the grizz­lies are com­ing! That’s right, some of the big­gest bears on earth will be making their new home in your park. Their habi­tats are going to be huge though, so do your best to fit them in any way you can! And with a big­ger park, you’ll also need to give your guests a way to get around: that’s whe­re your brand new mono­rail sys­tem comes in.

Fil­led with pri­de, you’­re loo­king down on the new­ly built habi­tat. Tomor­row will be the day the first Grizz­ly sets foot in your park. And you did good! The habi­tat is huge and fil­led with forests and bus­hes the bears can use to hide, appro­pria­te to their likings. Luck­i­ly your engi­neers had the idea to build the mono­rail you are cur­r­ent­ly sit­ting in. Other­wi­se it would have been dif­fi­cult for your custo­mers to expe­ri­ence the bears in their natu­ral beha­vi­or. The­se are chal­len­ges you alrea­dy over­ca­me, but you are also sure: New chal­len­ges are to come!

The new expan­si­on The Bad News Bears by Phil Wal­ker-Har­ding offers new chal­len­ges for the game Bären­park. The new­ly added Grizz­ly bears need more space than the ones from the base game and make it more dif­fi­cult to puz­zle your park in a good way. Becau­se you will need more space in order to do so, the city admi­nis­tra­ti­on appro­ved of a new park area you can build on. In this expan­si­on, you are thus buil­ding your park on up to five park are­as. Addi­tio­nal­ly, you are now able to build a mono­rail in your park which enab­les your custo­mers to expe­ri­ence the natu­ral beha­vi­or of the bears wit­hout dis­tur­bing them. Last­ly, new achie­ve­ments crea­te new chal­len­ges for expert play­ers of the base game.

The cour­se of the game is still the same. Every round you are able to place one tile in your park, get­ting new tiles by buil­ding over the appro­pria­te icons. If you want to get one of the new Grizz­ly tiles, you need to exchan­ge exac­t­ly one green park tile and one ani­mal house tile. The mono­rail on the other hand is built „on the fly“. Whenever you build one of the green park tiles, you can also add a mono­rail tower in it. Fol­lo­wing buil­ding rules of the mono­rail, you will add a track in your park which is worth points at the end of the game. The new achie­ve­ments are sim­ply adding more varie­ty, espe­ci­al­ly for park buil­ding experts. All three modu­les can be used sepa­r­ate­ly or in any com­bi­na­ti­on (inclu­ding all three tog­e­ther)!

Who is eager to learn more about this expan­si­on and can’t wait for August any­mo­re can head to our Down­loads sec­tion whe­re the rules are avail­ab­le from now on (or sim­ply use the direct link below this announ­ce­ment).

Rules: Bären­park — The Bad News Bears (EN)


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