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Spi­ri­tua­li­ty is not­hing you can force and the­re­fo­re our newest release took a litt­le lon­ger than „Foot­hills“ and the „Bad News Bears“ expan­si­on:




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Release: August 2019


The Man­da­la: the sym­bol of an anci­ent and sacred ritu­al. Colo­red sand is laid to crea­te a sym­bo­lic map of the world, befo­re the pat­tern is cere­mo­ni­al­ly des­troy­ed and the sand cast into the river—an ever repea­ting cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

With a slow and stea­dy move­ment from your wrist, you cau­tious­ly pour the last remai­ning sand onto the edge of the Man­da­la. After stan­ding up you look at your mas­ter­pie­ce, being satis­fied with its looks. Black sand was a good choice as the color stands for death and rene­wal and that is exac­t­ly what is going to hap­pen next. The cere­mo­ni­al dest­ruc­tion of the Man­da­la rep­res­ents the ren­un­cia­ti­on from the phy­si­cal world as well as the rebirth. Like the next Man­da­la which is alrea­dy star­ting to form in your head, rea­dy to flow through your hands into a new and beau­ti­ful art­work.

Man­da­la from Tre­vor Ben­ja­min & Brett J. Gil­bert is not qui­te as spi­ri­tu­al. This tac­ti­cal 2 play­er game lets play­ers from 10 and up com­pe­te in the crea­ti­on of Man­da­las. In about 30 minu­tes several Man­da­las are crea­ted and des­troy­ed and the play­ers try to earn as many vic­to­ry points in this pro­cess as pos­si­ble by collec­ting the dif­fe­rent colors their — abs­tract — Man­da­las are made of. Who will earn the most points? Who will be the mas­ter of Man­da­las?

You start the game with a hand of six cards and the cen­tral play­ing mat, dis­play­ing two Man­da­las and a River and Cup for each play­er. The Man­da­las are sepa­ra­ted into three are­as, the Moun­tain area in the midd­le and the two play­er are­as on their respec­tive sides. On your turn you can choo­se from three actions: Eit­her you play exac­t­ly one card into the Moun­tain area of one of the Man­da­las and draw up to three new cards, or you play any amount of cards of exac­t­ly one color in your per­so­nal play­er area. Using one of the­se two actions, you have to fol­low the Rule of Color! This rule sta­tes, that in a Man­da­la each color may only be found in exac­t­ly one area. In other words: if red is alrea­dy loca­ted in the Moun­tain area, you can not play red cards into your play­er area (but you could play a red card into the Moun­tain area). As a third action you can choo­se to not play any card into a Man­da­la at all, but ins­tead put any num­ber of cards of the same color onto the dis­card pile and draw exac­t­ly the same amount of cards you dis­car­ded. After you finis­hed your turn, you check if a Man­da­la has been finis­hed. This means: all six colors of the game are rep­re­sen­ted in that Man­da­la. If that’s the case, the cere­mo­ny of dest­ruc­tion hap­pens. Begin­ning with the play­er who has more cards in their play­er area, that play­er choo­se one color from the Moun­tain area, takes all cards of that color and adds them to their River and Cup. The posi­ti­on of the color in your River deter­mi­nes how much vic­to­ry points the cards of the same color in your Cup are worth for you at the end of the game. The game ends eit­her when the draw pile is used up or one play­er has all six colors of the game added to their River.

You alrea­dy want to find your inner peace with Man­da­la? Good for you! The game should alrea­dy be avail­ab­le or will beco­me avail­ab­le short­ly, e. g. in our Online-Shop. Accord­in­gly the rules are also avail­ab­le by now from our down­load sec­tion or direc­t­ly below this arti­cle:

Rules: Man­da­la (EN)

And even bet­ter: Man­da­la was demo­ed during Gen­Con and the folks from Asmo­de­eLi­ve were kind enough to make a video about it: Man­da­la — A Game of Colours — Gen Con 2019


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