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On Octo­ber 24th the holy grounds of board game enthu­si­asts are once more to be found in Essen, Ger­ma­ny: the Inter­na­tio­na­le Spiel­eta­ge SPIEL is the worlds most important board game fair and Loo­kout Games is part of it! This is our annu­al infor­ma­ti­on that pro­vi­des details about our booth and our pro­duc­ts at the fair. Sin­ce SPIEL’19 is a big event, things can chan­ge quick­ly. Keep yours­elf up-to-date (also during SPIEL) with our Face­book site or our Twit­ter chan­nel:


We wel­co­me Tony Boy­dell as a guest on

Satur­day (Oct. 26th) from 10:00 to 12:00

at our booth. He will not only hap­pi­ly deco­ra­te your Foot­hills-Cover with his signa­tu­re, but also take over con­trol of one of our Foot­hills demo tables!


Where can you find us?

Our booth is loca­ted in hall 1, F‑135.

ATTENTION: Floor plans shown are from last year, as we haven’t recei­ved the new ones for SPIEL’19 yet. Sin­ce not­hing has chan­ged in respect of our loca­ti­on, the­se floor plans should do fine for a first ori­en­ta­ti­on.


In cooperation with HÜNE Spieltische!

Ever­yo­ne who visi­ted our booth last year should pro­bab­ly know them alrea­dy: the board­ga­me tables from HÜNE Spiel­ti­sche. And becau­se they were so well recei­ved by our custo­mers (and we like them very much), this years booth comes with an upgrade: All(!) tables will be pro­vi­ded by HÜNE Spiel­ti­sche, giving you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to test our new releases on this high qua­li­ty fur­ni­tu­re. Addi­tio­nal­ly the folks from HÜNE Spiel­ti­sche moved in with us, so you can get first-hand advice direc­t­ly from them. Fur­ther­mo­re, they have a lot of access­ories with them, which you can give a try while play­ing our games.


What will we have for you?

We will pack a gre­at deal for you! All new games will be sold for a spe­cial fair pri­ce, moreo­ver we will inclu­de a fine selec­tion of Loo­kout clas­sic games and bar­gain offers from our stock. Trea­su­re hun­ters see­king for add-ons and pro­mos will get their money’s worth:

New releases 2019

Agri­co­la: Cor­ba­ri­us-Deck (MSRP 12,99€)*
Uwe Rosen­berg, 1 — 4(6**) play­ers, age 12+
Demo table(s): No


Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le (MSRP 49,99€)
Alex­an­der Pfis­ter, 1 — 4 play­ers, age 12+
Demo table(s): Yes


Bären­park: The Bad News Bears (MSRP 19,99€)*
Phil Wal­ker-Har­ding, 2 — 4 play­ers, age 8+
Demo table(s): No


Foot­hills inlc. „Woo­den Pas­sen­gers“ upgrade (MSRP 32,99€)
Tony Boy­dell & Ben Bate­son, 2 play­ers, age 12+
Demo table(s): Yes


Man­da­la (MSRP 21,99€)
Tre­vor Ben­ja­min & Brett J. Gil­bert, 2 play­ers, age 10+
Demo table(s): Yes


News from the Loo­kout — Issue 1 (MSRP 5,00€)
Loo­kout Games, 1 reader, age 12+
Inclu­des „Patch­work Dood­le PLUS“*, „Caver­na: For­got­ten Folk — Hal­f­lings Pro­mo“ & „Loo­kout Pro­mo-Deck 2018“


Patch­work Dood­le (MSRP 12,99€)
Uwe Rosen­berg, 1 — 6+ play­ers, age 8+
Demo table(s): Yes

* Expan­si­on! Base game requi­red to play.
** For 5 and 6 play­ers, „Agri­co­la: Expan­si­on for 5 and 6 play­ers“ is requi­red.

Special offers & Accessory


Caver­na: The For­got­ten Folk — Upgrade: Woo­den Gemfruits & Mushrooms (MSRP 8,00€)*
Uwe Rosen­berg, 1 — 7 play­ers, age 12+


Foot­hills — Upgrade: Woo­den pas­sen­gers (MSRP 6,00€)*
Tony Boy­dell & Ben Bate­son, 2 play­ers, age 12+


Neu­es vom Aus­guck — Issue 13 (MSRP 2,00€) — Ger­man only
Loo­kout Games, 1 reader, age 12+
Inclu­des „Caver­na: The For­got­ten Folk — Adven­tu­rer Pro­mo“


Neu­es vom Aus­guck — Issue 14 (MSRP 2,00€) — Ger­man only
Loo­kout Games, 1 reader, age 12+
Inclu­des „Gin­ger­b­read House Teaser-Game“


Patch­work Dood­le: Repla­ce­ment Scores­he­ets (MSRP 3,49€)*
Uwe Rosen­berg, 1 — 6+ play­ers, age 8+

* Expan­si­on! Base game requi­red to play.


Agri­co­la in New­da­le
7 new cards for Agri­co­la with New­da­le the­me


Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le: The Pfis­tries
5 new cards with the new buil­ding „Pfis­trie“


Foot­hills: Abe­ryst­wyth
2 new cards with the Cliff Rail­way


Agri­co­la: L‑Deck
9 new cards for the Agri­co­la: L‑Deck


Other pro­mos from past years…
e. g. L‑Deck cards, sti­cker she­ets, etc.


… and every day, the first 250 custo­mers at our booth will get a sur­pri­se!

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