Cover: Eppi


-5 h

Game Design:
Felicitas Pommerening
Andy Elkerton
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Grzegorz Kobiela, Anika Hoffmanns
Release Year:
1 adventure book, 1 trigger sheet, 1 decoder (red foil), 1 poster, 48 cards, 32 self adhesive stickers


This interactive adventure book takes you into space... or not?

Let me introduce Eppi first. Eppi is...?

Who (or what) is Eppi?

In this story based adventure book you'll first get to know the cheeky creature "Ellipomynx" (Eppi, for his friends), who haunts the cellar of the Bowline family. You want to know what Eppi is? Thats awfully convenient, because Eppi himself wants to find out and needs YOUR help. It can't remember where it came from or why it's even here. What it DOES know is that it wants to go into space!

In this interactive, story-based puzzle book for the whole family, you embody Eppi, but also get the chance to play different characters as the game progresses. That's even necessary, because helping Eppi requires the combined wit and ingenuity of the entire Bowline family - from baby Manni to Grandma Tara. The game works very much like a point & click computer game:

* explore 12 beautifully illustrated locations
* meet likeable characters
* solve tricky puzzles
* and collect objects that you have to use cleverly at the individual locations

The best thing is: if you are witty, you can do it all alone but you can gather YOUR whole family to help! Read the story aloud, dive into the puzzles and who knows - will Eppi make it to the stars with your help?

BEWARE: The first title of Lookout's #paperpointnclick adventure books might make you an avid #reader.


Hello, I'm Eppi. Pleased to meet you.
Hello, I'm Eppi. Pleased to meet you.
3D cover
3D cover
cover, back
cover, back



Why is there no rule book available for download?

EPPI (like Cantaloop) is an interactive book and so are the rules. The introduction of the book teaches you all rules on the fly so that studying the rules is not necessary!