Color deviations with Forest Shuffle

Cover: Forest Shuffle

The Lookout team is aware that the latest Forest Shuffle base game print run is slightly off color. The deviation on the back of the cards is minor, the base game perfectly playable. Unfortunately, the Dutch Forest Shuffle: Alpine expansion was also affected. All other versions of the expansion are fine!

HOWEVER: If you mix the base game with the Forest Shuffle: Alpine expansion, you will notice the difference. Ah. Not. So. Good.

The image shows two Forest Shuffle cards next to each other. The left one - in comparisson - has a slight but recognizable yellowish color mismatch.

Even if this may not bother some of you, Lookout wants to ensure a perfect gaming experience for everyone. We are therefore in contact with the manufacturer, to work out a proper solution to replace your decks if you wish so.

We will provide detailed information by mid June. Thanks for your patience!

To all markets still looking forward to the arrival of a new batch: this is why your copies are still delayed. Your retailers will have update information regarding new print arrivals by mid June, too!

To all the lovely people contacting us in the last days: Thank you!
The Lookout team

Saying goodbye

Replacement part service: Sometimes you have to let go

The Lookout Logo The Asmodee Logo

Being part of the large Asmodee network is a pretty good thing for a small studio: Since 2022, the Lookout team has been able to focus exclusively on developing and publishing new games for you, as distribution is in the hands of our reliable partners. With Village, Camel Up and the Great Western Trails series, we were even able to significantly expand our range of fine games.

In return, Lookout web shop has been closed since June 2023, so we can no longer offer a spare parts service outside of Germany.

International customers, please use the replacement part service of the respective publisher in your country. If they are not able to offer said service, refer to your point of purchase for a replacement of your copy.

As support, we will create a list of such services from our international partners in our contact section. Please be a little bit patient with us, as this will take some time.

At this point, a big thank you!

While these changes are also happening, because we are part of a strong, world-wide network, there's a second part to it: We have to say goodbye to three colleagues who have accompanied Lookout for many years...

A drawn image of Britta by artist Klemens Franz

Dear Britta, you have not only handled our customer service so brilliantly for many years, but also rocked the web shop. The handwritten addresses are legendary, and our customers will miss the goodies you sneaked into their parcels, that’s for sure.

A drawn image of Günter by artist Klemens Franz

Dear Günter, only a few are as well connected in the boardgaming industry as you are. In the early years, you found us sales partners as far away as Asia and helped Agricola find many fans worldwide. Thank you very much!

A drawn image of Mr. Borowski by artist Klemens Franz

Last but not least, a big thank you to the man behind the curtains, handling our warehouse and office rooms in Berne. Mr. Borowsky, we will keep your helping hands in good memory.

Thank you for your great commitment to Lookout. We wish you all the best for the future.

Your Lookout team


More to explore with Forest Shuffle: Alpine

The image shows a drawing of an Alpine landscape. In front you can see the boxes of Forest Shuffle and the Alpine expansion, as well as some new cards and the Board Game Arena logo. A screenshot of a Forest Shuffle: Alpine play on Board Game Arena.

Here it is, the first expansion to Forest Shuffle, the fabulous card game about the forest and its inhabitants by designer Kosch. With Forest Shuffle: Alpine, we're shuffling 36 brand new cards to the deck:

Cover: Forest Shuffle: Alpine

The mountain forest in the Alps is home to numerous animals, plants and fungi right up to the tree line. Gentians, eagles, marmots, chamois, Swiss stone pines - their habitats are different, but here too, there are synergies and valuable partnerships that score you points.

The expansion fits seamlessly into the base game, the rules are familiar. Two new tree species and numerous Alpine species provide even more diversity and plenty of variety at your game table: the mountain hare is a loner, but is counted as part of your population of hares, Gentian and butterflies make an excellent team, and the bearded vulture will drag more points into your cave... however, just take a look for yourself!

In Europe, the first copies will go on sale in mid-April, overseas and Asia can expect them 6-8 weeks later due to transportation. Fortunately, you already have the opportunity to try out the expansion on Board Game Arena starting with 10:00 a.m. (CET) TODAY (Feb. 23rd, 2024)!

Logo: Board Game Arena

We are already looking forward to your feedback!
The Lookout team

February news: Camel Up, Great Western Trail, Village & Eppi


Cover sporting the Lookout logo: Camel Up Cover sporting the Lookout logo: Great Western Trail Cover sporting the Lookout logo: Village BIG BOX

Good news for our fans: Village, Camel Up and the entire Great Western Trail series, which were previously published under the Plan B, Eggert Spiele and Pretzel Games brands, will be incorporated into the Lookout range.

For you gamers, everything remains the same - quality, challenges, fun, availability. The only thing we ARE changing is the logo on the box. From now on, the Lookout team will take care of the production of these titles with the usual care and affection.

The international spare part service remains in the hands of our trusted distribution partners. For Germany, the only change is that you can now also start a replacement part request on our homepage. We are working on implementing everything but will need a few more days. Until then, please use the option "Not listed" and let us know in the form for which game you need our help.

However, it will be a little while before we can roll out the first copies with the Lookout logo - a takeover like this takes time. And we want to make sure that all the sheep, cattle and camels feel at home with us... In any case, we are delighted because all three titles are a great addition to our range!


Designer Felicitas Pommering showing her game Eppi to the camera

Meet these lovely two at events all over Germany: author Felicitas Pommerening has not only come up with a wonderful story. She's going on a reading tour with Eppi!

Lookout’s newest addition to the interactive adventure book series, Eppi, will be a lot of fun! Check it out yourself... meet us all at the Bremer Spieletagen on March 9th and 10th, 2024!

All tour dates:



Cover: Patterns - A Mandala Game

Santa is bearer of good news: At SPIEL'23 you were able to play Patterns - A Mandala Game, the second installment in the Mandala series by Trevor Benjamin and Brett J. Gilbert. Next week, this tight area control for two will finally be available in Germany and Austria!

Like it’s award-winning predecessor Mandala, each game challenges anew. This is not an issue, because Patterns - A Mandala Game

  • is quickly set up
  • is explained in less than five minutes
  • plays very fast!

Are you up for a match? Let’s meet under the Christmas tree...


Cover (German): Neues vom Ausguck - Ausgabe Nr. 20

German issue No. 20 of Lookout's customer magazine, Neues vom Ausguck - Ausgabe Nr. 20, was released at SPIEL'23 . It’s filled to the brim with background information on Forest Shuffle, an interview with Kosch, more background stories as well as brand new objective cards and a solo mode for Tipperary, our new family game by Günter Burkhardt.

The magazine is only available in German, but free download files of the objective cards and solo mode in English are available here:

Neues vom Ausguck - Ausgabe Nr. 20


It's that time of year again: the Lookout team will be taking a break over the holidays to recover and recharge their batteries for new endeavors. We will therefore not be available from December 15th, 2023 to January 2nd, 2024.

The replacement parts service will be closed from December 8th, 2023 to January 2nd, 2024. We will be happy to process your emails and inquiries right after the winter break: Our colleagues will be at your disposal again, starting with January 2nd, 2024!

Front of Lookout's 2023 Christmas card. A blue glowing ghost-like character (called Eppi) is standing in a snowy forest. Above the following is written: We wish you a Merry Christmas and an Eppi New Year! Back of Lookout's 2023 Christmas card. It's showing Eppi with a Christmas hat and the following is written: The entire Lookout Team wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2024!

Eppi - An interactive adventure book

This ghostly fellow will start it's adventures early 2024: The new interactive adventure book EPPI is great fun! Designer Felicitas Pommering created a fantastic story with twists, highs and... you know what? Have a look for yourself in early 2024

We wish you a merry Christmas, happy guests (and maybe a game or two...). See you all safe and sound in 2024!

Wishing you a happy new year and keep on playing
The Lookout Team