Family Business


Cover: Family Business


ca. 30 min.

Game Design:
David B. Bromley
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Hanno Girke & Grzegorz Kobiela
Release Year:
110 Cards (54 mobster cards, 56 action cards, 10 additional ability cards for advanced rules), 1 rule book


Nothing beats family. Well, your own family. And if foreign mobsters want to invade into your territory, naturally, the whole family will help out to eliminate the opponents. Its family business. In the end, the last family to have mobsters left in the game wins.

In this reprint of a classic cardgame by David B. Bromley, you have to play your cards well. Each player chooses a mob family and takes all the cards of that family. You are the ganster boss of your Family Business and you want to be the only one in the city. In order to achieve this, you need to get rid of all members of OTHER families in town. Contracts, intrigue, vendetta, ambush - are you brave enough to face it? Only the player who has gansters left at the end of the game can rule this city and call himself the big boss from now on...

Developtment of original release: Mayfair Games, Inc (1989, 2008)


New edition (cover)
New edition (cover)
Mobster cards
Mobster cards
The Wall
The Wall
Action cards
Action cards


Rules (German)


This is a mob war. Can I improve the setup?

If you dare, yes, you can. In this reprint edition, place the box lid in the center of the table, then stack the box bottom on top of it. One of the short sides of that stacked box will show "The Wall". As you target mobsters for elimination, line them up gains the wall. Eliminated mobsters will be buried in the graveyard tray IN the box. ;)

Some characters look pretty familiar. How is that possible?

This edition adds a metalevel to Family Business. We would like to thank our sister companies Enigma, Asterion, Asmodee Taiwan, CATAN Studios, and Blackfire for adding their own little mob to this game. So yes, you might recognize some of our fellow colleagues in this game.