Big Box


Cover: Nusfjord: Big Box


20 min per player

Game Design:
Uwe Rosenberg, Tony Boydell (Besoekende Deck)
Patrick Soeder
Graphic Design:
Patrick Soeder & atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Grzegorz Kobiela
Release Year:
This big box contains the complete Nusfjord base game and 4 expansions (including 2 completely new developments)!
Choking Hazard

NOT A TOY! Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years.


Nusfjord as it was

Nusfjord is a tranquil fishing village in the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway. 50 years ago, business was booming when the codfish would come for spawning.

Nowadays, Nusfjord is more of a museum than a village with less than a hundred inhabitants remaining. Cruise ships, until recently, would pass by the mostly-abandoned beauty of the island: now tourists are charged money just to look at the houses and landscape.

But, travel back in time and Nusfjord is completely transformed. Sailing ships dominate the fjord and the rocky beauty of the island is masked by vast forests. Visit the heyday of Nusfjord's maritime commerce and expansion, and success may be yours!

Nusfjord is an
* advanced players game
* with fast gameplay
* and lots of variety
* It is particularly popular with solo players!

This big box includes all previously published card decks.

Here it is: Nusfjord Big Box

As it has been out of print for several years, we have put together a comprehensive Nusfjord box for you. This Big Box Edition includes the Nusfjord base game with its three card decks as well as four(!) expansions, including two which have never been released before:

* Nusfjord Plaice Deck
* Nusfjord Salmon Deck
* NEW: Nusfjord Trout Deck
* NEW: Nusfjord Besoekende Deck, introducing guest meeples


components, base game
components, base game
3D box
3D box
front cover
front cover


Nusfjord Big Box Appendix
Nusfjord Big Box Appendix (German)
Nusfjord Big Box rule book
Nusfjord Big Box rule book (German)


Bummer. We were hoping for a reprint with those fancy metal coins...?

We are fully aware of this and thought about it very carefully and decided in favour of wooden coins.
This applies to both this expansion set and the new Nusfjord Big Box.

Lookout doesn't just want to set an example with the Lookout Greenline games - we try to take
meaningful steps for our environment with every new production. So yes, this time it's fancy wooden coins instead.

When will the Nusfjord Big Box be available?

If everything is running smoothly, copies shall arrive in Germany by May 2024 with roll out early Summer. Shipping to US/Asian markets will take another 4-8 weeks.

This applies to the new expansion decks, who are scheduled for the same print run and will be available for all players who already own Nusfjord.