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Not even 50 days left until SPIEL’19 opens it doors again. Defi­ni­te­ly time to tell you more about our new big release:

Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le



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Release: SPIEL’19 (International: December 2019 /​ January 2020)

Expedition to Newdale

The “Oh my Goods!” saga continues—this time, as a board game. Immer­se your­sel­ves over the cour­se of several sce­n­a­ri­os in an over­ar­ching sto­ry full of adven­ture. Each game rep­res­ents one chap­ter. You can play the chap­ters in sequence—as a campaign—or on their own. Various maps with dif­fe­rent events, game ele­ments, objec­tives, and actions chal­len­ge you to adapt your stra­te­gy to the given con­di­ti­ons and use them to your advan­ta­ge.

Your hands are dir­ty, the back is aching and the clo­thes are swea­ty, but your work for today is finis­hed! The new mill looms proud­ly in front of you and the soft gro­aning and flut­te­ring of the bla­des sounds like a choir of angels in your ears. Soon the gol­den wheat of your fields will be ground to valu­able flour which will earn you a for­tu­ne. Or may­be… buil­ding a bak­e­ry sounds even bet­ter! You could bake bread and buns from the flour and increa­se the value of your goods even more. And while you are thin­king about it, you remem­ber that the­re was a vil­la­ge, only about a mile away, which was liter­al­ly begging for a bak­e­ry. The plan starts to form in your head and tomor­row seems to beco­me ano­t­her busy and exhaus­ting day.

Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le is the new Oh my Goods! game from renow­ned desi­gner Alex­an­der Pfis­ter. In this board game adap­ti­on of the suc­cess­ful card game, 1 to 4 play­ers from 12 and up com­pe­te in dif­fe­rent chap­ters to expe­ri­ence the world of the Longs­da­le king­dom once again. The sto­ry of Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le starts about 5 years after the events from Oh my Goods! Escape to Can­yon Brook, but you don’t need to know the pre­quels at all. Each chap­ter of the game lasts about 90 minu­tes which adds up to around 12 hours of exci­ting cam­pai­gn game­play. And when you found your favo­ri­te chap­ter while play­ing the cam­pai­gn, you can always come back and play it again to have even more fun!

At the begin­ning of the game you have your per­so­nal board, a coal mine as your start buil­ding and 5 hand cards. Depen­ding on which chap­ter you are play­ing, the appro­pria­te game board sits in the midd­le of the table. Each round is divi­ded into 5 pha­ses which are play­ed in order (or par­ti­al­ly par­al­lel, once you beco­me more fami­li­ar with the game). In pha­se 1, a new event is revea­led which usual­ly alters the cour­se of play in this round slight­ly (e. g., by intro­du­cing new buil­dings). Addi­tio­nal­ly the event card shows a fixed amount of workers which are avail­ab­le this round. An infor­ma­ti­on which is much appre­cia­ted, as you have to place your action mar­kers in pha­se 2. The lat­ter are num­be­red 1 — 4 which is important for pha­se 4 and means that you need to plan ahead. But first pha­se 3: in this pha­se, more workers are drawn from a bag and get added to the others. This means that pro­duc­tions which would have been impos­si­ble befo­re (becau­se workers were mis­sing) are now easi­ly done. Pushing your luck might be bene­fi­ci­al! Pha­se 4 is the oppo­si­te to pha­se 2. Ins­tead of pla­cing your workers, you resol­ve their cho­sen action in order of their num­bers. We hope you had a back­up plan in place if your desi­red workers were not drawn in pha­se 3, becau­se this can trig­ger an unplea­sant chain of events! Not enough workers could mean that a pro­duc­tion does not hap­pen, which then means that you might not have enough money to build the buil­ding with your second action mar­ker. Oh, and your third mar­ker was plan­ned to direc­t­ly pro­du­ce in the new­ly built buil­ding? Well, whe­re the­re is no buil­ding, there’s no place to pro­du­ce in, right? Clear­ly: plan­ning ahead, a litt­le luck and good alter­na­ti­ves are the way to suc­cess. In Pha­se 5, all play­ers can eit­her use a free buil­ding action or draw new hand cards. The last pha­se is used to resol­ve all buil­dings which do not need workers, e. g., an auto­ma­tic coal pro­duc­tion or a buil­ding which offers the con­ver­si­on of a cer­tain good to vic­to­ry points. After­wards the next round starts, of which you play a total of seven. A final sco­ring at the end of round seven will then show if you win or lose.

Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le pro­mi­ses a lot of exci­ting game ses­si­ons. Thanks to its „lega­cy like“ deve­lop­ment throughout the chap­ters (e. g., dif­fe­rent buil­dings, signi­fi­cant­ly chan­ged game boards, etc.) near­ly no game ses­si­on feels ali­ke. Even bet­ter: becau­se the com­pon­ents are not des­troy­ed or chan­ged per­man­ent­ly, you can always replay your favo­ri­te chap­ter the way it’s meant to be play­ed. Thanks to an easy table in the rule book you will always know which cards, game boards, etc. are nee­ded.

Still not enough infor­ma­ti­on? Then head over to our down­load sec­tion or sim­ply look bene­ath this arti­cle to find the rule book and chro­ni­cles to Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le:

Rules: Expe­di­ti­on to New­da­le (EN)

ATTENTION: Spoi­ler alert! Appen­dix: The Chro­ni­cles of New­da­le (EN)


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