Agricola WC 2013 (Archive)

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Dies ist die Start­sei­te zur Agri­co­la-Welt­meis­ter­schaft 2013 am 9.November 2013 im Rah­men des Spie­le­fests in Wien (A).

The tour­na­ment takes place on Satur­day, 9th Novem­ber during the Spie­le­fest Event in the Aus­tria Cen­ter Vien­na.

How to get to the venue:
The Vien­na Expo cen­ter is near the sub­way line U1. Click on the link above for direc­tions.

The­se are the par­ti­ci­pi­a­nts, as of Novem­ber 1st 2013:

2011 cham­pi­on: Ras­mus Damm (Den­mark)
Slo­va­kia: Michal Wolin­sky, Rena­ta Oro­so­va
Öster­reich: Mar­kus Wawra, Hans Most­böck, Den­nis Rap­pel
Sve­ri­ge: Kars­ten Matu­ra
España: Javier Mar­cos, Fran­cis­co Manu­el Ála­mo Arce, Marc Guasch, N.N.
Deutsch­land: Thi­lo Has­se, Bas­ti­an Win­kel­haus, Ste­fan Kopacz, Wolf­gang Peter
U.K.: Tom Wal­ker, Rich Pin­gree
Ita­lia: KARLA Fazana­ro, MARCO Mon­no, PASQUALE Di Car­lo, MICHELE Anco­na
Bel­gi­en: Greg Bru­wier, Robin Fre­de­ric
Japan: Yuuka Yanagi­sa­wa, Ryo­suke Yoshi­zu, Masa­to­shi Aki­ba, Michi­ko Asa­no
Schweiz: Nico­las Aioutz, Omar Tra­p­let­ti, Gabrie­le Mar­ti­net­ti, Tris­ta­na Mar­ti­net­ti
Tsche­chi­en: David Kanovs­ky, David Kore­jt­ko, Sar­ka Pel­co­va, Kate­ri­na Kre­j­co­vá
Polen: Michal Nied­zwiedz, Mag­da­lena Rei­ter, Pawel Nied­ziela, Luka­sz Bie­dak
Ungarn: Kozics Györ­gy, Bátho­ry Ger­ge­ly, Kra­jc­so­vicz László, Sebe­s­tyén Atti­la
Neder­lands: Kas­per Baack, Maar­ten Meus­sen, Pie­ter Hom­mel­berg
Nor­ge: Oddbjørn Nød­land, Ter­je Skaa­land, Bernt Ivar Nød­land, Bjørn-André Kilda­len

Par­ti­ci­pants get a free pass for the show.
Plea­se regis­ter at the desk bet­ween 8:45 and 9:15 on Satur­day morning. The tour­na­ment will start at 9:30.
Three rounds will be play­ed. In the first round, the par­ti­ci­pants will be sea­ted by ran­dom, but we’ll try to make sure that no 2 play­ers from the same coun­try sit on the same table. For the fur­ther rounds, Swiss for­mat will be used: Play­ers will be sor­ted and sea­ted by score.
We will use the Agri­co­la World Cham­pi­ons­hip deck for the tour­na­ment. Cards will be avail­ab­le in Eng­lish.
(I was hoping to have the brand new Bie­le­feld deck rea­dy for the Cham­pi­ons­hip, but it did­n’t work out as plan­ned.)

Gene­ral­ly, we’­re try­ing to have 4 play­ers per table. Play­ers score 8, 5, 3 and 1 Tour­na­ment points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, respec­tively. In case of ties, points are split. Play­ers on 3p tables score 7, 4 and 2.
Round 1 will be „Bid­ding for Decks“. Befo­re the game starts, each play­er wri­tes down a bid on a pie­ce of paper. This bid will be deduc­ted from his final Vic­to­ry Point score. The play­er with the hig­hest bid has first choice of the WM sub­deck s/​he wants to play, then in the order of hig­hest bids. I case of ties, sea­ting order deci­des. It is allo­wed to bid 0. After decks have been dealt, each play­er dis­cards down to 7+7.

Round 2 will be Stack Draft. The cards of all 5 decks will be shuf­fled (Occupa­ti­ons and minor impro­ve­ments tog­e­ther), then the first 4 cards will be tur­ned over to start 4 open stacks. THe star­ting play­er picks one of tho­se cards for his/​her hand, then pla­ces ano­t­her card on each of the stacks. The­re­fo­re, the second play­er has the choice of 3 stacks of 2 cards or 1 stack of 1 card. If a play­er picks a stack with more than 1 card, he keeps all of them. This con­ti­nues until all cards have been dealt to the stacks and taken by play­ers. Play­ers then dis­card down to 7+7.

Round 3 will be „Love your neigh­bour“ draft.
Occupa­ti­ons and impro­ve­ments are sepa­ra­ted, each play­er gets dealt 8 each.
First, occupa­ti­ons are draf­ted.
Each play­er picks one of tho­se cards for him­s­elf to keep and one for his right hand neigh­bour to keep. The other cards are pas­sed to the left. Again, each play­er picks one card for him­s­elf and one for his right hand neigh­bour. When all cards are draf­ted, each play­er has 4 cards he draf­ted for him­s­elf and 4 cards his neigh­bour draf­ted for him.
Then, minor impro­ve­ments are draf­ted the same way, only that now you draft for yours­elf and your left neigh­bour, and the cards are pas­sed to the right.

Game­boards, Round cards and Major Impro­ve­ment cards will be in Ger­man, Dutch and/​or Japa­ne­se (but I’m sure that every play­er qua­li­fy­ing for a World Cham­pi­ons­hip knows them by heart).

You can find the expan­ded rules here: