15 years of Agricola

The Anniversary Box


Cover: 15 years of Agricola: The Anniversary Box


ca. 90 min.

Game Design:
Uwe Rosenberg
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Hanno Girke, Grzegorz Kobiela
Release Year:
anniversary box includes everything from AGRICOLA (Revised Edition); comes with 430 cards (incl. ARTIFEX and BUBULCUS deck, former promo decks), 200 card board tokens; more than 270 wooden parts; additional variant boards; well organized inlay
Choking Hazard

NOT A TOY! Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years.


Agricola: a strategy boardgame for advanced players, a great classic since 2007

Nearly 15 years ago, Uwe Rosenberg's famous agricultural board game AGRICOLA was released and became one of the most beloved board games of our time.

This October at Essen SPIEL'22, these 15 years will be completed. Time for a special anniversary edition. An edition, every AGRICOLA lover, collector and (future) fan will be proud of of owning.

The XXL box is packed to the brim with the complete AGRICOLA (Revised Edition), former promo items which are long gone, some novelties (and no, you don't have all the L-Deck cards yet...) and a well organized inlay for quick setup! All of this in a box which stands out in every collection.

Let's celebrate 15 years of Agricola with this special limited anniversary edition!

Check in with Lookout Games for more details later this year!


AGRICOLA 15th Anniversary Box  (3D)
AGRICOLA 15th Anniversary Box (3D)



Will my expansion decks fit into the XXL anniversary box?

Yes, the XXL box offers a storage solution and enough space for ALL our latest expansion for AGRICOLA (Revised Edition) of 2016. This includes the Farmers of the Moor expansion, the expansion for 5-6 players and all AGRICOLA card decks in circulation (= Corbarius, Dulcinaria, Consul Dirigens). The card storage box will hold up to 900 cards (unsleeved), a little less if sleeved.

Can I use this anniversary edition with my Farmers of the Moor expansion?

Yes, you can. The 15th Anniversary Box contains the basic AGRIOCLA (Revised Edition) of 2016, suitable for any expansion and card deck marked "Revised Edition" ever published.

NOTE: The Farmers of the Moor expansion is NOT included in the Anniversary Edition, but will fit nicely inside the XXL box. We do know you would like this.

Is the anniversary edition compatible with the expansion for 5-6 players ?

Absolutely! All expansions marked with the note "Revised New Edition 2016" can also be combined with the material contained in the AGRICOLA 15th Anniversary Box. This applies to the expansion for 5-6 players as well as to those decks that are NOT included in the Anniversary Edition.