More to explore with Forest Shuffle: Alpine

The image shows a drawing of an Alpine landscape. In front you can see the boxes of Forest Shuffle and the Alpine expansion, as well as some new cards and the Board Game Arena logo. A screenshot of a Forest Shuffle: Alpine play on Board Game Arena.

Here it is, the first expansion to Forest Shuffle, the fabulous card game about the forest and its inhabitants by designer Kosch. With Forest Shuffle: Alpine, we're shuffling 36 brand new cards to the deck:

Cover: Forest Shuffle: Alpine

The mountain forest in the Alps is home to numerous animals, plants and fungi right up to the tree line. Gentians, eagles, marmots, chamois, Swiss stone pines - their habitats are different, but here too, there are synergies and valuable partnerships that score you points.

The expansion fits seamlessly into the base game, the rules are familiar. Two new tree species and numerous Alpine species provide even more diversity and plenty of variety at your game table: the mountain hare is a loner, but is counted as part of your population of hares, Gentian and butterflies make an excellent team, and the bearded vulture will drag more points into your cave... however, just take a look for yourself!

In Europe, the first copies will go on sale in mid-April, overseas and Asia can expect them 6-8 weeks later due to transportation. Fortunately, you already have the opportunity to try out the expansion on Board Game Arena starting with 10:00 a.m. (CET) TODAY (Feb. 23rd, 2024)!

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