Saying goodbye

Replacement part service: Sometimes you have to let go

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Being part of the large Asmodee network is a pretty good thing for a small studio: Since 2022, the Lookout team has been able to focus exclusively on developing and publishing new games for you, as distribution is in the hands of our reliable partners. With Village, Camel Up and the Great Western Trails series, we were even able to significantly expand our range of fine games.

In return, Lookout web shop has been closed since June 2023, so we can no longer offer a spare parts service outside of Germany.

International customers, please use the replacement part service of the respective publisher in your country. If they are not able to offer said service, refer to your point of purchase for a replacement of your copy.

As support, we will create a list of such services from our international partners in our contact section. Please be a little bit patient with us, as this will take some time.

At this point, a big thank you!

While these changes are also happening, because we are part of a strong, world-wide network, there's a second part to it: We have to say goodbye to three colleagues who have accompanied Lookout for many years...

A drawn image of Britta by artist Klemens Franz

Dear Britta, you have not only handled our customer service so brilliantly for many years, but also rocked the web shop. The handwritten addresses are legendary, and our customers will miss the goodies you sneaked into their parcels, that’s for sure.

A drawn image of Günter by artist Klemens Franz

Dear Günter, only a few are as well connected in the boardgaming industry as you are. In the early years, you found us sales partners as far away as Asia and helped Agricola find many fans worldwide. Thank you very much!

A drawn image of Mr. Borowski by artist Klemens Franz

Last but not least, a big thank you to the man behind the curtains, handling our warehouse and office rooms in Berne. Mr. Borowsky, we will keep your helping hands in good memory.

Thank you for your great commitment to Lookout. We wish you all the best for the future.

Your Lookout team