Spiel'23 is gonna be great


Lookout @ Essen SPIEL'23

Let’s see what we are hauling in for Essen SPIEL'23 from October 5th to 9th:

Cover: Mischwald Cover: Patterns - A Mandala Game Cover: Tipperary Cover: High Season - A Grand Hotel Roll & Write

Things are changing, even for the world’s biggest boardgame convention. So, you will find this year's Lookout novelties right in the family area in Hall 6. In addition, you will find us in Hall 3 - together with our partner HÜNE gaming tables .


Hall plan with markings where the boothes are.

In Hall 6-D102 we have lots of game tables (German only!) where you can play Forest Shuffle (the fabulous card game from KOSCH), Patterns: A Mandala Game and Tipperary.

In Hall 3-D110 (next to booth B109) you can play High Season - A Grand Austria Roll & Write (German only!).

In Hall 3-B109, our promoters will be waiting for you at HÜNE gaming tables to explain Forest Shuffle in English! We will also have English display copies of Patterns: A Mandala Game, Tipperary and High Season - A Grand Austria Roll & Write available.

Make sure you get a seat at our demo tables!


Do you like Forest Shuffle? Then, thanks to Asmodee, you can purchase copies for the first time directly at the booth in Hall 6-D102 (German only)!

More German copies are available in the Asmodee Shop in Hall 3-D110, English copies are available directly from Lookout in Hall 3-B109 (these boothes are next to each other)!

Forest Shuffle, the cuddly Forest Shuffle plushies and the Agricola (Revised Edition): Ephipparius Deck will be available at the Lookout Shop in Hall 3, as is a brand new Neues vom Ausguck - Ausgabe 20 magazine (German only). As long stock lasts. Be on the lookout for our big orange Mega-Meeple!

Unfortunately, Patterns: A Mandala Game and High Season - A Grand Austria Roll & Write will only be available as display / for demoing and hit the stores later this year.

Check in with our social media for updates!


Kosch - Designer of Forest Shuffle

Meet this friendly guy, Kosch, the mastermind behind Forest Shuffle and get your copy signed hot off the press:

  • Friday, 11:00 a.m. – Hall 6-D102
  • Friday, 01:00 p.m. – Hall 3-B109

%%% Warehouse sale - Everything must go %%%

Advertisment for the Lookout warehouse sale in hall3, booth B109

Closing a webshop doesn't mean your warehouse is empty. You missed the sale from the Lookout webshop this spring? Then this is your chance!

Demo games, rare copies of former Lookout titles, returns, demo games, original packaging, goodies, promos and whatever other treasures we've found in the Lookout warehouse: we'll bring them all to SPIEL'23 .

Hall 3-B109 only!!!

Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, our fabulous team will be ready for you. So you better be quick.

Note: Thanks for your understanding that Lookout cannot give any information about the type and number of available games in advance. The same applies to the sale: no pre-orders, no reservations. As long stock lasts!