Stakes are high in Llamaland

Llamaland cover


We introduced Great Plains already, now it’s time to present the second release for this summer:

With Llamaland, Lookout brings lots of fun to the family table again, just in time for the holidays. The players find themselves in the plateaus, where it is wild, breathtakingly beautiful and - very, very steep. As a farmer, it is not easy to grow first-class potatoes, corn or cocoa on your terraces. So you puzzle your fields higher and higher, to bring in rich harvest and get hold of precious llama cards!

The latter not only give victory points, but also allow llamas to be positioned strategically. After 45 minutes of playing time you will have an impressive growing area with lots of cuddly llamas and even more victory points in front of you.

Llamaland charmingly combines the polyomino puzzle strategy from Bärenpark and the stacking mechanism of Gingerbread House to create a completely new game with its very own character. The result is a clever placement game for 2-4 players from 10 years.

Like Great Plains, this Lookout game is available from selected shops by the end of June.

The author: The Australian Phil Walker-Harding is designing marvelous games since 2007, including Bärenpark (2017) and Gingerbread House (2018), both published by Lookout Games.