Quadruplets?! New additions to the Patchwork family.

We've already gave you hints here and there, to spread the news about our wonderful novelties out of the Patchwork universe! Patchwork, the rewarding 2 player game for quilting without needle & thread, you already know since 2014. With Patchwork Folklore: China and Patchwork Folklore: Taiwan we have already expanded the family in 2020. Putting a regional stamp on the classic game by Uwe Rosenberg goes down very well with our fans.

Will we one day unite all nations in the Patchwork universe?

Patchwork Folklore: Americana Cover Patchwork Folklore: Anden Cover Patchwork Folklore: Polen Cover Patchwork Folklore: Skandinavien Cover

Travel the world with Patchwork Folklore.

With traveling still not easy, connecting via boardgames can take us far away while staying safe. So, let’s take you on a little trip around the world:

Join us on our way north and dress warmly while playing with the typical Scandinavian patterns of Patchwork Folklore: Scandinavia. Follow us across the Atlantic and welcome the colors of the Andes to your gaming tables with Patchwork Folklore: Andes. Move further north and welcome Patchwork Folklore: Americana, clearly inspired by the US flag. This edition isn't exactly new - available on the U.S. market since 2020 - now available in a German (collectors) edition for the very first time! Last but not least, Europe contributes one more edition: Patchwork Folklore: Poland delights with enchanting country-typical patterns, designed by the talented Jolanta Lendziosek.

All I want for Christmas is… more Patchwork!

It's hard to choose - which edition is on your wish list for Christmas? All Folklore Editions will be available in their respective mother countries soon, these German editions are exclusively available in our online shop in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

The Lookout bonus for Santa & his little helpers:

Whether you are a collector or a Patchwork novice – we make it easy for you by setting up a 4+1 offer for ALL Patchwork Editions available in the online shop!

Patchwork collectors offer 2021

Get yourself at least five copies of Patchwork, mix & match, no matter which edition - Patchwork, Patchwork Folklore, Patchwork Specials: Halloween, Patchwork Specials: Xmas or Patchwork Express!

With the discount code #MeWantPatchwork the fifth game is for free!

This offer is valid for all Patchwork orders placed in our online shop from November 8th - 21st, 2021. Offer does not apply to Patchwork Doodle, Patchwork: Automa or other Lookout games. Further discounts or vouchers can also not be deducted.

If you don't crash the online shop right away, we'll put in a good word for you with Santa .

Busy as elves, your Lookout Team

FAQ: Something was recently done about the patches. Does this also apply to the new editions?

Absolutely not. All Folklore Editions correspond exactly to the values of the patches in the Patchwork base game! Here, as usual, the fun of the game is increased by enchanting regional patterns and magnificent colors.