New games 2021: Great Plains

There is definitely something going on in the Great Plains

Great Plains Cover

New 2 player game from the designers of Mandala

Lookout Games is known for successful board game classic like Agricola (2007) by the author Uwe Rosenberg and Isle of Skye (Kennerspiel des Jahres 2016) by Alexander Pfister. In addition to expert games, the publisher also offers simpler family games every year and has developed expertise in the field of 2-person games with titles such as Patchwork, Mandala and Glasgow.

This range will also be expanded in 2021 with a new release: With Great Plains, we take you on a mysterious game about life in the lowlands. Impressive cave paintings tell of the life of our ancestors, of their cosmos and all the animals that surrounded them.

The game transfers us to the Great Plains, where two tribes are on a quest for supremacy. The rival parties are symbolized by clever foxes and wise snakes. With the spiritual assistance of totem animals, they overcome mountains, traverse valleys and sneak into the territory of their rivals. The winner is the player who, through clever tactics, can claim the most land for his tribe in the end.

Great Plains is a history lesson, it makes the conflict between the ancient tribes a playful experience. It is an abstract puzzle game for 2 people, designed for 20 minutes play time. In Germany, the game will be available from selected retailers by July. International availability will follow shortly after.

The authors: Many board game fans know the duo Brett Gilbert and Trevor Benjamin as the designers of Mandala and other popular titles. Trevor and Brett live in the same neighborhood in England and often play and create together. Expect more to come from this creative duo!