New games 2021: Consul Dirigens deck - Cantaloop 2 - Family Business

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The Lookout team has been quite busy in 2021, so we can put something under your tree just in time for Christmas.

Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): Consul Dirigens Deck Cover

Even more cards for Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): The Consul Dirigens Deck

Every completionists dream comes true with the new 120 cards of the Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): Consul Dirigens Deck. 96 cards of this deck are the missing ones from the Corbarius Deck and Dulcinaria Deck expansions, which means that - finally - all four decks (Artifex Deck, Bubulcus Deck, Corbarius Deck and Dulcinaria Deck) are complete.

Similar to the cards in the base game, the cards in the Consul Dirigens Deck have been selected to provide a balanced feel to the game. In addition, this deck contains the Parent Cards mini expansion, which offers 24 cards (more details can be found on the Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): Consul Dirigens Deck page).

Already released in Germany. All other editions should be available soon-ish 1.

Cantaloop - Book 1: Breaking into prison cover Cantaloop - Book 2: A hack of a plan cover

How to become a hacker: Time to get back to Cantaloop!

In 2021, we seem to have caught the nimbler vessel (see A game award, Cantaloop and Christmas holidays from Dec. 12th, 2020): The new edition of Cantaloop - Book 1: Breaking into Prison is already available in (German) stores 1. This December 1, the eagerly awaited sequel to our PAPER POINT'N CLICK adventure will finally be available:

After the chaotic, but at least successful events of the first part, in Cantaloop - Book 2: A Hack of a Plan the story continues. Oz "Hook" Carpenter's team is assembled, and the goal is set. Now, how do you best use your team's unique skills to forge a watertight revenge plan against the city's biggest crook? Explore beautifully illustrated locations, interact with new characters, and most importantly - solve tricky puzzles!

Do you have it? Find out in this fabulous PAPER POINT'N CLICK adventure by Friedemann Findeisen.

Family Business cover

Christmas season - family time? Yes, if it weren't for that other gang...

Nothing beats family. Well - your own family, of course. If foreign gangsters want to make themselves at home in your area, ALL family members actively help to eliminate the opponents. It's Family Business after all. In the end, the winner is the gang that has family members left standing.

In this remake of a classic card game by David B. Bromley, you must play your cards well. You are the gangster boss of your Family Business and of course you want to be the only one in town. However, to become the only one, you obviously have to get rid of all the members of the OTHER families. Murder missions, raids, intrigues, ambushes, gang warfare - are you brave enough for this job? Only the player who still has crooks left at the end of the game can rule the city and call himself #BigBoss from now on...

In this fast-paced trick-taking game for 3-6 players aged 8 and up, you'll not only be in for a hot time, you'll also come across one or two familiar faces as we have rounded up the #Family for this edition:

We thank our sister companies Asmodee Nordics (a.k.a. The Enigma?), Asmodee Italia (a.k.a. Asterions), Asmodee Taiwan (a.k.a. F.U.N. Gang), CATAN Studio (a.k.a. Woolly Woolies), and ADC Blackfire (a.k.a. BlackFIRE) for adding their own little gang to this game.

Will the Lookout's be there, too? Come to town and find out...

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